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Octopus Guild 

community where web3 happens

Octopus Guild is a community of Web3 developers, visionaries, enthusiasts, and appchains within the Octopus Network and NEAR Ecosystems.

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what is octopus network?

Join Octopus Day Party in Myriad.Town

October 8, 2022, 19:30 (UTC +8)


Octopus Day will celebrate critical milestones since the Octopus Network mainnet launch one year ago — with a lineup of musicians & DJs, a Halloween Maze in the Metaverse for NFT prizes, contests, and more!

Octopus Network Founder, Louis Liu, will highlight this flagship year with a keynote speech on the past, present, and future of the Octopus Network Ecosystem.

Party goers will get an insider view of the appchains in various stages of development on Octopus Network and also have first-mover opportunities to acquire voucher NFTs for Myriad. Town land parcel claims.

This event is sponsored by the Octopus Guild and supported by Myriad, RealityChain, Nestercity, and DAO Records.


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